Is my design checked before printing?


Your file will receive an automatic file check. When you are using the Designtool to create or upload your design, your file will be checked for the most common errors: 

  • Shapes & dimensions 

  • Bleed 

  • RGB colour range check 

 You will receive an error message if something is wrong on these points. Errors like color profile and dimensions are blocking for your order process. You won't be able to continue the order process before fixing these errors. 


Not all errors will be detected during this automatic control. Some examples are transparency, colour ranges, missing fonts, .. 

Make sure that you have a correct file before launching large order quantities. You can have our experts perform a professional file check to see if your file is ready for printing.  Your file is checked before the printing process is started. We will also check the following possible errors:  

  • Transparencies 

  • Printing lines 

  • Correct colour ranges  

  • Missing fonts 

The price is at € 4.99 excluding VAT. 

Do you want to order a sample first? You can create an order of a two piece as a reference check for your and our quality check. Please, contact our customer service to guide you towards this process. 


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