Pre Production

Pearl will give you a cosy feeling as a printed mats. Thanks to its long cutpile Pearl adds extra softness & cosyness to this printable quality. Pearl can be used in professional settings and at home for decorative purposes.

This printable quality is good for photorealistic print. Thanks to a nice absorption capacity of 2.0 L/m², this printable quality is also used as an absorber mat.  Pearl is machine washable at 30°. Good maintenance will enhance the durability of the doormat.

 Thanks to the STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX® Pearl has been certified to be harmless for human health. Pearl quality is kids-approved and therefore safe for children. Add machine washable at 30° in the equation and Pearl is ideal for children’s carpet.  The cosy feel and the absorption quality make Pearl also a suitable quality for bathroom use.

Pearl is only available without border and has a latex backing. When choosing freeform, the creative possibilities reach even further.. This means that any fluid shape is possible. These decorative functions make Pearl a appropriate product for all your decoration purposes in the Home Deco segment. With your creativity Pearl can be used as an absorber mat, runner, bath mat or any decorative doormat even children’s carpet.

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