Pre Production

The water world carpet



Do you whant to know why we call Inuci the water world carpet? There are many reasons: The Inuci carpets are made of durable tufted PVC and can offer resistance to seawater and chlorine water. Therefore, Inuci offers a maximum comfort and safety when walking into water environments.

 The Inuci range meets high quality standards as to UV resistance, colour retention, abrasion resistance and are resistant to chlorine and salt water. This makes Inuci an ideal water world carpet.

A versatile product

The contempory look and feel of Inuci makes this range extremely versatile. The decorative structure of the tufted PVC enhances the modern look and feel. Thanks to its properties Inuci is often is used outdoors. But no need to limit its usage to this! Inuci is a luxury carpet suitable for heavy commercial use with high colour retention. It is also suitable for projects, restaurants, hotels that can appreciate the clean and decorative look and feel. And did you now that we can provide shapes and cut outs? Inuci is a multi-purpose collection.

 And of course Inuci is also a functional mat. Inuci has a looppile that captures dirt in an even better way and offers a favorable alternative for the more expensive entrance mat with aluminium grates.