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HygienePlus - Next level hygiene


HygienePlus a trendsetter in innovative floor coverings

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a change in mentality. Today, our greatest concern is to keep our family, employees and customers in good health. The pursuit of a clean living and working environment is part of our daily reality.

 Through daily contacts with our clients and distributors, we notice that the demand for hygienic measurements is also a topic in the sector of floor coverings, says Dieter Naessens, CCO of MercuryFlooring. Our customers are looking for convenient and efficient solutions.

With our extensive range of floor coverings, we have been participating on clean buildings, homes and offices since 1987. Today, we are adding new properties to our doormats by adding an extra finish to our yarns under the name HygienePlus.
We are proud to play a pioneering role in the production of hygienic mats.

Virus reduction & elimination of bacteria

The HygienePlus range is so much more than just blocking dirt and moisture. It's about maximum hygiene to the core of the floor covering . Our textiles are treated with the Oeko-Tex registered product BI-OME and penetrate deep into the fibers of our floor covering.  Thanks to this finish, our doormats and runners from the HygienePlus range are given new properties. 


It eliminates bacteria. We could say that the mat cleans itself, so the floor coverings become also invisibly clean, on microbial level. In addition, BI-Ome has a viral reducing effect on enveloped viruses. We really  bring hygiene to a new level.


 Moreover, the effect is a durable solution that remains active after several washes and is harmless to humans and animals.