Pre Production
Do I need to stick to the standard rectangular shape? 

No, don't stick to the standard normal All kind of prints, colours and shapes are possible. Circles and rounded corners are standardized shapes in the order flow besides the rectangular format. 
You can download the ready made template and upload your file in your design program. The Designtool will give you a correct preview of the selected shape. 
This is all set for you. But no need to stick to this! We leave the design to your creativity. Just make sure to follow the following guidelines to create a freeform with the desired result.  

Freeflow via custom size order flow

  • Select a product quality without border like Melody, Patio ZB or velvet.
  • Make sure your design has the usual bleed of 1 cm.  
  • Define your rectangular outer size.    This will be the maximum rectangular outer size of your freeform and add this into our calculator.
  • Select your quantity
  • Upload your design 
  • Add an extra page in your design with the the closed vector that should be trimmed. You can use black RGB0/0/0.
  • Don’t add cutting lines in your design itself, if they aren’t part of the design itself of course.  

Take the following into account for your freeform: 

  • Use flowing lines and shapes for your free form and avoid sharp corners. 
  • Flowing lines will be cut out automatically with precision and will elevate your original design.  
  • Maximum width depends on the quality of your choice.  Make sure your trimmed vector file fits within the maximum dimensions of the selected size. 


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