Pre Production
Can I design my floorcovering without design knowledge?


Yes, MercuryFlooring provides you with the Designtool:  You can design your floorcoverings from scratch. You can get started without graphical knowledge or graphical software. Via a drag and drop solution you can edit images, shapes and text. The Designtool has everything you need to make a high-quality and professional design yourself. 

 You can: 


  • save your design while still working on it 

  • Choose a free layout. 

  • Add your own image. 

  • Add and copy text, choose a font, adjust size and colour.  

  • Add and edit shapes (round, square, rectangular, etc.): fill with a colour, line the shape, or transition colour. 

  • Place text or images on the foreground or background or move them completely to the foreground or background. 

For more information and editorial videos, click here: 

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