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Artificial grass


Which one to pick?

Are you looking for quality artificial grass for your balcony, terrace or garden?  

The variety of available products on the market is huge. How can you pick the best quality coupon grass and enjoy your artificial grass even longer?  

Easy, take the following checklist in mind: 



Start by the back 

  • Check out the quality of artificial grass by looking at the backing first.  The backing will lock fibers into the structure and provide a “backbone”. The primary backing is the layer of material that the plastic fibers of the artificial grass are stitched to. We use Marine-Backing for our artificial grass range in order to extend the lifespan.  

Let it (d)rain 

  • Make sure that your artificial grass provides effective drainage. Extra perforation holes can improve drainage even more.  Water simply drains straight through these holes. Artificial grass dries relatively quickly.  

Color resistant 

  • Over time, sunlight will normally fade the color. The best artificial grass be UV resistant so they will never fade. 

Natural look 

  • It’s all about the looks! Check out if the artificial grass has a realistic looking finish rather than a plastic look. We use different shades of green to provide a natural look.  

Soft feel 

  • Check out softness of the grass. See if the grass has a soft texture that feels nice on the skin and is child and pet friendly.  


This are the basic to compare different products of artificial grass. Still in need of more information?  

Take a look at our collection of artificial grass or contact our sales team for detailed product information.