Pre Production



It's all about testing

We don’t add products lightly to our range of absorber mats. First, we need to determine the material's ability to absorb water. 


Our absorbing figures are based on the Standard ISO 9073-6 (2006) test to measure liquid absorptive capacity. The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The main task of these technical committees is to prepare International Standards to assure uniform quality standards. ISO 9073-14 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 38 and the figure 6 refers to the chapter Absorption. All set  up according to the rules. 


 Tests are executed by independent labs under monitored testing conditions. Our sample is held under water for 1 min. After 2 min. of draining the percentage of absorbed water is measured. This is repeated for 5 times.

Absorption capacity

Do you want to know what the absorption capacity is of your favourite product? You can check this out in the description of each product. All products with an absorption of more than 1L/m² are grouped under Absorbing mats.